• Merino-Wool Blend Beanie

    Introducing our first piece of apparel! This merino-wool blend beanie (tuque) is soft, warm, and moisture-wicking. Will keep you warm when encountering freezing temps.

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  • Koto Plushie

    By a lot of demand, and the sheer will of God, we finally figured this out. Introducing the Koto Plushie. 14" of pure plush power. Soft, cuddlable, and excited to be loved.

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  • Pins

    Welcoming five new pins to the KOMA family, we're introducing Chokoboto, Chonky koto, and the Ectokoto bundle. These look great on any pinnable surface.

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Hand-Packed with Love

Welcome to the KOMA store! All of our items are hand-pinned, packed, and shipped by Koto and Luna. We hope you love everything as much as we do. <3